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The fact is the majority of college students have reported drinking during their years at school. The other fact is we were all born with the ability to choose how we want to spend our college days. No matter what your decision, make it for you and be responsible. Don't be afraid to go downtown or to a party sober. Don't be afraid to stop after you've had one too many even though your friends are giving you a hard time. Call a taxi instead of walking home alone. Keep track of your drinks so that you can remember the fun you are supposedly having. We're all at Transy, and we all have the intelligence to make responsible decisions. So think your drink, the choice is yours.


Dear Transylvania Parents,
If you are like most parents of young adults, you are probably wondering how your student will navigate the numerous decisions which lie ahead during their four years in college. One of those choices for most students is evaluating the role that alcohol can play in college life. Knowing that they will have to make independent decisions about alcohol, Transylvania is unwavering in our belief that we must promote healthy decision-making to the members of our campus community.

In order to accomplish this task, we have multiple initiatives in place. First, to get our students off on the right foot, Transylvania University is requiring all entering students to complete the 20 minute AlcoholEDU course before arriving on campus. This online course is designed to educate all students, regardless of their experience with alcohol, and to motivate individuals to reduce their consumption using personalized information about their own drinking and risk factors. To continue the education, we have multiple programs that are presented throughout the course of the academic year which address responsible decision-making. To compliment these initiatives, we also have an alcohol policy in place that seeks to build a respectful community. We hope that the clear expectations and consequences outlined in our policy will inform students so that good choices can be made regarding alcohol use.

There is considerable evidence that parents play a critical role in the success of their college student, particularly related to their choices about alcohol use. Please help us make our alcohol abuse prevention efforts as effective as possible by communicating with your student about the importance of making healthy choices with alcohol. Review your expectations, help them identify their priorities while in school, and encourage them to actively participate in our educational programming on campus.

As part of our pledge to provide our students with the best collegiate experience possible, Transylvania University is wholly committed to implementing effective evidence-based approaches that address the complex issues of underage and high risk drinking. If I can be of assistance to you with regard to this issue, or any other, please don't hesitate to contact my office.

Michael Covert
Dean of Students