AlcoholEDU Directions

How do I setup my own account for AlcoholEdu?
To access your AlcoholEdu course:
1. Visit URL:
2. In the “New User” box, enter the following registration code/login ID:
3. Click “Submit”. Once you access the program with the provided registration code/login ID, you will be able to establish your own personal login information using your Transylvania email address and a password of your choice.  Please use your Transylvania email address.  If you use any other address you will not receive credit for the course. When it asks for student ID, please use the first part of your e-mail address before the
Who do I contact for technical support?
If you need assistance accessing the AlcoholEdu program or are having problems with the program, please let us know by calling 859-281-3682 or emailing us at
I am trying to complete the AlcoholEdu program, but it won't let me move on to the next part. What do I need to do?
AlcoholEdu for College is designed for students to complete Part One prior to the first day of class, while Part Two is not available until approximately 45 days after you completed Part One. Therefore, Part Two will not be available for you to complete until it has been 45 days after you completed Part One. You will receive an email when Part Two becomes available.